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Chain Link Fence-  The chain link fence that we use is made out of all galvanized steel so the fence will last for years to come without ever rusting out.  We do not pound the line posts into the ground like several other fence companies do.  Every post will be concreted in to ensure the highest quality fence.  Chain link comes in a variety of different strengths depending on what your application is.  We also offer vinyl coated chain link fence as pictured below.  Vinyl coated fence comes in a variety of colors and strength as well.  Here is a link to a brochure of the material that we use for our Chain Link Fences.  

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Wood/Privacy Fence- Wood fences are a fantastic choice because of the ability to customize them to any situation.  Wood fences typically come in four different heights.  They are 4,5, 6, and 8 ft high.  All of the wood is treated and comes with a 12 year warranty against rot or decay.  The nails that we use are also all galvanized to ensure that they wont rust out on you and that you will have a quality fence for years to come.  The posts are all 24-30 inches in concrete in order to provide you with a long lasting fence.

Typical types of wood fences are privacy, shadowbox (aka board on board), picketed, and scalloped.  We have several options on how we can customize your wood fence so call today to discuss these options with one of our representatives.  

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Ornamental/Aluminum Fence -  Ornamental fence is a great choice for those who are looking for aesthetically pleasing yet very functional fence.  Ornamental fences comes in 5 different heights.  They Include 36", 48", 54" 60" and 72".

The current line that we use of ornamental fence is from Active Yards.  The difference between Active Yards from other Aluminum products is that they use an internal picket attachment system called Corigin that strengthens the fence as well as provides a screw-less look to the outside.  The Corigin technology also allows the fence the ability to go up steeper inclines.  Active Yards also uses a SolarGuard technology that protect the fence from the suns rays so that your fence keeps the same color for years to come.  

Ornamental fences are maintenance free with the occasional quick hose off.  They come in a variety of styles as well as a variety of colors.  Call us today so that we can show you all the different options that we can install. (For more information on Active Yards material please visit their website at

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Vinyl Fence (Active Yards)-Vinyl fence is becoming more and more popular.  Vinyl fences are great because they are just like the ornamental fence with no maintenance except the occasional hose off.  

Vinyl fences come in several different options including privacy, picket, scalloped, and even post and rail.  Vinyl fences come in a variety of heights ranging from 3-6 ft high.  They also come in a variety of color options.  

Active Yards also provides Safe Surroundings with all of their vinyl material.  The advantages of using active yards as compared to other vinyl material is first in their strength of material.  Active Yards uses a glidelock system to connect the pickets.  Typical vinyl fences use a tongue and groove system.  This does not provide enough strength during high wind storms.  The glidelock system does not come apart once they are together unless the whole fence is disassembled.  

Active yards also uses Solarguard on their vinyl material.  Solarguard here will protect the fence for years to come against the suns harmful rays so that it never fades or becomes brittle.

The natural beauty of the Active Yards material is unparalleled.  Active yards uses a technology called cambium that provides a real wood look to the vinyl material.  (For more information on Active Yards material please visit their website at

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